Can you trust crooked
DuPage County lawyer
Fred Spitzzeri

to be an honest judge?

You be the judge


1. Who is Fred Spitzzeri?

Chicago Hustler Fred Spitzzeri turned up in DuPage County decades ago, moving from the west side of Chicago. But Fred still acts like a precinct captain in the Daley Machine. Fred may “talk” Republican but he acts “pure Democrat,” as the facts in this web site will confirm. “Steal, steal, steal” is the Daley Family motto. “Steal, steal, steal” seems to be the Spitzzeri modus operandi as well.

2. Fred Spitzzeri is looting the taxpayers of Naperville Township

The job of “township trustee” is a part-time, mostly honorary position. Fred Spitzzeri turned the low—paying, part-time position of township trustee into a personal gold mine for himself and his family—all at the expense of struggling Naperville Township taxpayers!

When Fred Spitzzeri was elected Naperville Township Trustee he had a plan: he would quietly loot the township’s revenues by voting to subsidize his family’s medical expenses. One of Spitzzeri’s first actions as trustee was to vote full health and dental insurance benefits for himself and his family. The problem?

Township officials had never considered the trustee’s position one that merited full fringe benefits. In his first term, Spitzzeri collected over $90,000 in benefits working for taxpayers an average of two hours a month.
Who knew Spitzzeri would take a job paying $7,300 a year and collect another $30,000 a year in secret fringe benefits? Fred knew. In one term he managed to collect over $90,000 in “fringes.”

Spitzzeri scheme number two: Trustees, who then worked only twice a month for a couple of hours, started meeting only once a month at Spitzzeri's behest. Spitzzeri got the same pay and benefits for half the work. Not bad for a "lawyer" who could not pay his bills and had a mediocre law practice.

If Spitzzeri had disclosed he was going to vote himself huge fringe benefits for a two-hour-a-month job, how many Republicans would have voted for him as trustee? Hardly any. Would taxpayers have supported Spitzzeri if they had known in advance he was going to quietly award himself $91,000 infringe benefits for a two-hour-a-month job?

Taxpayers would have overwhelmingly rejected Spitzzeri if they had known his secret plan to plunder township taxpayers for his personal enrichment. He succeeded by making his plans a "stealth" operation to enrich himself—when no one was looking.

Fred's gravy train has been reduced for his current term, but he is still working 2 hours a month for "full" health benefits.

3. Spitzzeri is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and DuPage County Bar Association

Spitzzeri is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and the DuPage County Bar Association. Spitzzeri confirms the stereotype of lawyers as greedy and sneaky. That’s Naperville’s Fred Spitzzeri.

Spitzzeri is so greedy he has even billed the taxpayers for his Chamber of Commerce luncheons, where he conducts his personal legal business! Good work if you can get it.

4. Thank the Illinois Supreme Court for exposing Spitzzeri

Our thanks to the Illinois Supreme Court for ordering the freedom-of-information release of public employee contracts and payments. If you want us to send you Naperville township’s FOIA disclosures, just ask. Our accusations against Spitzzeri are backed up by public records!

5. Is Fred Spitzzeri a successful lawyer? Hardly.

Fred Spitzzeri is actually a failed lawyer. That’s why he has so much time to politick. He doesn’t have many clients to show for decades as a lawyer. Spitzzeri’s “law office” is part of an assemblage of people sharing office space. Stop by and see for yourself, “Suite J, 1801 N. Mill Street, Naperville." Not very impressive. Some big-time lawyer Fred is. Now you know why he went into politics: to chisel the taxpayers for the money he needs to support his family, working two hours a month and collecting thousands in fringe benefits for a position with a minimal salary.

6. How about Spitzzeri’s other dirty tricks? How about fixing judges?

Andy Martin caught judge Bonnie Wheaton and Fred Spitzzeri meeting in secret and scheming to fix a case in which Martin and Spitzzeri were opposing each other. Wheaton said it was “OK” for lawyers and judges to meet in secret. (If you don’t believe how wacky Wheaton is ask for a copy of the transcripts.)

A lawyer who would try to fix a judge is a lawyer who would be a fixed judge.

Fred Spitzzeri has shown he will always scheme to promote himself and to profit personally; what kind of a “judge” do you think Fred would be? For sale to the highest bidder.

7. Can you believe Fred Spitzzeri is an “ethics advisor” to Naperville Township? And teaches “ethics” at North Central College? What a joke.

Fred Spitzzeri got himself appointed “ethics advisor” to Naperville Township, while he was voting himself secretive fringe benefits that quadrupled his public salary. Some ethics.

Spitzzeri's "real ethics:" leech the taxpayers for every penny he can. Spitzzeri is the type of "public servant" that would take a low-paying honorary position, and then vote himself a secretive package of fringe benefits to milk the very voters that trusted him. Spitzzeri betrayed the taxpayers of Naperville Township with his financial shenanigans.

Spitzzeri also teaches “ethics” to students at North Central College. Let’s hope his students don’t turn out the way Fred did, with his secretive schemes to steal from taxpayers.

8. Can you trust a man who has already proven he can’t be trusted, to serve as a DuPage County circuit judge?

The job of circuit judge is an unusual one. Judges mostly work on their own. Their nominal “supervisors,” the Court of Appeals, are not observing what individual judges do on a day-to-day basis.

Spitzzeri has shown what he will do when he thinks no one is looking: loot the taxpayers and corrupt the judicial process with secret meetings and slimy behavior.

Can you trust this man—who has already proven he can’t be trusted—to be a judge in DuPage County? No way.

Fred Spitzzeri is one of Illinois most greedy and corrupt public officials. In 2008 he collected almost $36,000 from the taxpayers of Naperville Township, for working less than 36 hours all year, an hourly rate of $1,000 an hour.

How many Naperville Township taxpayers know they are paying Fred Spitzzeri a thousand-dollars-an-hour to serve as township trustee? What a rip-off. What a crook. Fred may be the highest paid “private” official in Illinois.

Fred Spitzzeri: part of the political kleptocracy that is looting Illinois citizens ever day.

Fred Spitzzeri. He’s already proven he’s a Chicago-style crook. Now he wants to be a DuPage County judge. Spitzzeri calls his web site “FriendsforFred.” But Spitzzeri is no friend of Naperville Township taxpayers.

Attention Republicans: just say no to Fred Spitzzeri. He’s a greedy and corrupt public official who gives Republicans a sleazy image. Spitzzeri is the kind of thief that gives honest lawyers and public servants a bad name.


Disclosure: This web site is sponsored as a public service for every DuPage County voter and taxpayer, even though—so far--Fred Spitzzeri has only looted from Naperville Township taxpayers.

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